'66 Sunroof Project

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Re: '66 Sunroof Project

Post  joebug1951 on Fri 24 Feb - 3:39

Kevin wrote:Paint should be on by tomorrow or Saturday. I need to get a quote to put my headliner in. What is a reasonable price?

Also, I am wanting to get a narrowed beam and looking at options. I bought some 5 spoke 5.5 X 15", but no tires yet. It has been suggested that I get a 4" narrowed beam with adjusters to go with my 2.5 in. dropped spindles. I'm not wanting to go too low or too tucked in. Who builds a good beam? There's a lot of "companies" out there that are building them, but I can't seem to decide who is better. Any suggestions?


This a good friend of mine that lives on the TN VA border. His name is Sam, him and his dad have a shop down there. Sam has built TONS of beams.

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'66 Sunroof Project

Post  Kevin on Thu 22 Mar - 7:18

Some photos of what has happened as of late:


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