Anyone need a job?

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Anyone need a job?

Post  joebug1951 on Sun 12 Sep - 3:02

Got this email a little while ago. They are looking for more people to do the same job I am doing. If you are interested or have ?'s just send me a message.

Good evening,

First of all with the significance of it being September 11th, I just wanted to tell you thank you for your service to Aerotek, Oshkosh Corporation and our country. We truly appreciate everything you are doing.

Second, I wanted to inform you that we are currently looking for 24 more FSR level III contractors to fill our October 4th, 2010 orientation class here in Wisconsin. I was hoping you could take a moment to forward the below information to anyone that you know that would be qualified for this opportunity. The best employees typically come from a referral.

Third, if there is anything at all that you need from me whether it be: communication or support that I can assist with to your family back in the states, payroll questions, any other questions or support that you need from Aerotek or Oshkosh Corporation please let me know.

Thank you in advance for your time,

Here is a short message to forward to anyone that you think may be qualified/interested:

Aerotek is currently phone interviewing candidates to fill their October 4th, 2010 orientation class. We are targeting individuals with 5 years of recent heavy wheel mechanic experience on military vehicles, training, instructing, and supervision or leadership skills. These Level III FSR positions are paying approximately $154,000 based on a one year contract (The year time frame starts from the day you set foot in Afghanistan – there will be 2.5 to 3 months of training which is paid for prior to deployment). To consider you for future employment I need to have you answer these questions for me.

- Are you currently on contract and if so when is it forecasted to end?
- Why are you looking for a new contract?
- Are you open to Afghanistan?
- Do you hold a security clearance or have you held one in the past? (If so how recent)
- What is the pay you are making in your current position? What is the pay you are targeting in a new position?
- Do you have any experience training in a classroom setting? Either through the military or on any previous contracts? If so – please explain what materials you used to train, how many individuals you trained, what you trained on and how much combined training experience you have. *** This needs to very specific!
- What military vehicles have you worked on before?
- How many years of wheel mechanic experience do you have on military vehicles?
- When are you open to starting a new contract?
- Have you ever been fired or let go from a company (we do perform reference checks)?
- What is the best phone number for Oshkosh to reach you at if they decide they want to phone screen you?

**** I will also need you a list of references from you. Please include managers/supervisors names, email addresses and phone numbers. I will need 3-4 names.

Thank you and I look forward to your response. If you could give me a call I would appreciate that. I can be reached at 920-636-4139.

Best Regards,

Kim Lee
Account Recruiting Manager
Aerotek Inc.
2109 East Capitol Drive
Appleton WI 54911
Office: 920.636.4139
Fax: 920.636.4180
Mobile: 920.419.3763

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Re: Anyone need a job?

Post  yelosubmarine on Wed 15 Sep - 17:08

i coud stand around and get in the way Laughing


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