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Post  joebug1951 on Thu 2 Sep - 13:25

Ok, there are a few new people on here so I will introduce myself again. My name is Joe Wright, Bill's son. Im in Afghanistan as a govt. contractor. I am on a base that has no atm or even a shop to buy things from. I've noticed that some soldiers dont receive care packages from home, so I would like to see if anyone would like to give back to the soldiers over here. Simple things we take advantage of everyday would be GREATLY appreciated. The soldiers would love stuff like snacks, cookies, crackers, chips, basically junk foods they cant get here. Stuff like you'd buy at 7-11. Junk foods and what not, chocolates not good it will melt!

If anyone would like to send a package that would be great. For everyone that sends a package I will pay the shipping costs. I can send you a paypal or however you would like. It's the only way I can really help. Get your churches involved or your neighbors. These soldiers work around the clock non-stop and deserve to have someone care. Please help if you can. I thank you for your support. I will distribute the packages to the soldiers. I dont ask for anything for myself I simply want to give back to the soldiers that are here away from their families and hopefully give them a little moral booster.

Send Packages to:

Joe Wright
E Co. 1/502 (Oshkosh FSR)
APO AE 09370

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Re: Afghanistan

Post  yelosubmarine on Fri 3 Sep - 5:56

ill try to get people in it and ill send some stoner food as soon as i can joe !!! you guys do a great service and its fuckin crazy yall can't even eat some chips ahoy or some doritos, i live off that shit, you deserve it man, for your service! , for theirs ! ! for your awesome bugs! i need some welding done on my bus when u get back only trust you ta do it see ya later man, it 5 in the fucking morning ill send some junk food soon, be safe man


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